What Are the Distinctive Competencies of Starbucks?

Starbucks’ core competencies include that it is well known for its expertise in coffee roasting and hand-built beverages. The company picks high-quality coffee beans which are ethically sourced, then verified and certified by a third party so that they meet customer expectations.

Another competency of Starbuck is its “secret” menu. The secret is, however, referring to the extent of personalization that each customer can make, which in turn produces a beverage that suits the demands of each individual customer. This particular feature attracts the interest of customers to customize their own beverages, thus creating the brand evangelism in the process.

Starbuck also emphasizes diversity. The company builds a diverse workforce to increase cultural competencies as well as to demonstrate inclusion within the company. The diversification of the workforce helps Starbuck to utilize different opinions, talents and capabilities. In addition, Starbucks develops a diverse network of suppliers, which provides the company with valuable insight on product innovation and business solutions.

Starbucks is competitive in its use of social media. The company reaches out to its customers with this popular platform, allowing customers to provide suggestions for improvement. Ideas and recommendations from Starbucks’ partners and associates are often implemented and publicized on the company website. This not only serves as a recognition of the partners’ efforts, but also increases exposure to the public.