What Does Disney’s Vision Statement Say About the Company?

Disney’s mission statement says that the company aims to be a leading entertainment and information producer. Disney aims to use its portfolio of brands to develop innovative and profitable experiences and products. The mission statement shows that Disney aims to make profits by focusing on intangibles such as creativity and innovation.

Disney’s previous mission statement was “Make People Happy.” The new mission statement is much longer and contains strategic terms such as “differentiate our content.” Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, has worked in a variety of ways to ensure the company uses technology to effectively separate itself from its competitors. He allowed Apple to sell episodes of “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives” on iTunes in 2005, which was the first deal of its kind to take place. Iger also allowed viewers to watch TV shows online for free, and Disney now creates mobile apps and incorporates RFID wristbands into the Disney World experience.

In the past, Disney experimented with multiplane cameras and lifelike robots. As of 2015, the company is researching virtual reality and has filed a series of patents relating to drones. Disney’s experiments with drones include attaching cameras to them and using them to film football games from above. Disney’s assets now include other entertainment and effects companies such as Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic.