Who Is Disney’s Target Market?

While most of Disney’s television shows and movies appeal to children and teenagers, the company’s cruises, parks and tours also have a large number of activities intended for parents and adults. Disney Channel itself has shows for very small children and teenagers, and not much for adults. However, the vacation destinations are much more family-oriented and have activities for all ages.

Disney is a mass media corporation that was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney. It was originally an animation company in the era of black and white silent films, but eventually the animations started to include symphonic music and vibrant colors. In 1937, Disney released its first full-length animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” which started its long and successful string of groundbreaking animated film releases.

Following its success in the animated film industry, Disney has since grown to include live-action television series and movies, a music record company and theme-parks and cruises around the world. It is the second largest mass media company in existence and continues to make successful family-friendly television shows, movies and productions. While the shows and movies are more child or teen-oriented, the parks and cruises also target adults with adult-only entertainment, bars, clubs and other age-restricted activities. Disney’s audience may be young, but the company’s target market includes people of all ages.