How Do You Find Discover ATM Locations?

To find Discover ATM locations, visit and choose the ATM Locator at the bottom of the page under the Help & Support menu. Enter the desired address or ZIP code or a nearby landmark, and click Find. Alternatively, click Use Current Location to allow the computer to use your location information to find an ATM. If desired, limit the search to only display surcharge-free ATMs. Surcharge-free ATMs are distinguished with orange icons as of 2016.

Discover cardholders who use a surcharge-free ATM do not have to pay ATM fees; however, if a cardholder takes a cash advance from an ATM, the relevant fees still apply, notes Discover. In addition to using an ATM, cardholders can also get cash from a Discover card through a bank, by cashing a check or by transferring a cash advance directly into a checking account. To use a Discover card to get cash from a bank, the cardholder must present his card along with his photo identification.

To get cash from an ATM with a Discover card, the cardholder must have his PIN, reports Discover. Cardholders can create new PINs or change a previous PIN through a link at ATMs bearing the PULSE logo or Discover network acceptance mark accept Discover cards.