What Are Some Disadvantages of Being a Social Worker?

Some of the disadvantages of being a social worker include having to work for longer hours, facing tremendous competition, promotion being mostly dependent on educational qualifications and licensing being required in various regions. These are the main challenges each social worker has to contend with during his or her career.

Being a social worker can be rewarding for those who enjoy helping the less fortunate in society. However, this career has a number of challenges that must be dealt with during its course.

A particular disadvantage involves having to get a new license or obtain registration whenever moving from one state to another. This can be time-consuming, since it is required to wait for the relevant authorities to process applications and verify information.

Another disadvantage involves having to face a lot of competition. Since this career has a good outlook or promising future, many people have decided to pursue it. This means more and more people are constantly getting qualified to take up the limited job opportunities available.

The third challenge to social workers involves working longer hours. In some instances, it may even be necessary to work during the weekends, since those in need may require special attention at that time.