What Are Some Disadvantages of Being a Preschool Teacher?

Marin Primary/CC-BY-2.0

Although it could vary by personal preference, some disadvantages of being a preschool teacher could include the low pay. ONET reports that the average hourly salary for a preschool teacher is $13.26 and the average annual salary is $27,570. Additionally, the physical and emotional labor of being a preschool teacher could be considered a disadvantage for some people.

Being a preschool teacher involves caring for others on a constant basis. Preschool teachers have to constantly look after others while holding their own desires and emotions in check. ONET discusses the requirements of preschool teachers as including caring for 3- to 4-year-olds by providing for their basic needs, such as food, potty training and social development, as well as cleaning up after them and preparing them for kindergarten.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that becoming a preschool teacher requires an associate’s degree. This could be considered a disadvantage because obtaining an associate’s degree only requires two years of full-time college coursework, which makes it the easiest degree to receive (compared to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree). Because more people may have an associate’s degree rather than higher degrees, obtaining a job as a preschool teacher may be somewhat competitive.