What Is the Disadvantage of Technology in Business?

Technology is sometimes detrimental to business because it can lead to ongoing expenses, alienation between employees and distractions that reduce productivity. Criminals also exploit the advances of technology to commit cybercrime.

Businesses must allocate funds for upgrading and maintaining their infrastructures if they want to adapt to the latest technological breakthroughs. Technology is always improving, thereby necessitating costly upgrade cycles. Businesses must also spend for training to acclimate employees to the changes.

Through computers and mobile devices, technology causes employees to become detached from others. Text messaging, emailing and other electronic forms of communication have largely replaced personal interactions between employees. Interaction is important in developing interpersonal communication skills, which is crucial in establishing business relationships. Technology may also divert workers from their responsibilities. Distractions like incoming emails, text messages and calls interrupt workers from doing their tasks and reduce the overall productivity in the workplace.

The prevalence of technology in businesses also invites cybercrime-related risks. According to a McAfee-sponsored study published in June 2014, businesses worldwide annually lose nearly $400 billion due to hacking incidents, intellectual property thefts, credit card frauds and other computer crimes. Businesses have to spend resources not only for securing their systems as a precautionary measure, but also for recovery in the aftermath of a cybercrime.