What Is a Dilapidation Survey?

According to P-CON Building Surveyors, a dilapidation survey, sometimes referred to as a structural survey, is an inspection of buildings or structures set for demolition, development or construction. A professional building surveyor conducts a dilapidation survey.

The goal of a dilapidation survey is to note any obvious defects, such as cracks, movement, settlement, water seepage, distortion, spalled concrete, subsidence, and various other potential defects. Photographs are typically taken during a dilapidation survey, along with relevant notes. This type of survey is very detailed and records various components and systems in a building, including any minor wear and tear along with staining and other issues. Different companies and individuals performing the survey may cover different components, but issues such as electrical services and building services are often included. In many cases, a dilapidation survey is performed when new tenants are moving into a building, or before completing an agreement.