What Are Different Job Positions in a Bank?

While different banks will have different positions based off of their clients’ needs, most banks will have bank tellers, loan officers, a bank or branch manager, different types of analysts such as credit or financial analysts, mortgage bankers and general office staff. Some jobs such as mortgage bankers and analysts require a lot of schooling and education, but bank tellers and some office staff may not need prior degrees and can learn on the job.

A bank teller is an entry-level position, but tellers have a lot of responsibility. These workers interact with customers and handle deposits, withdrawals and cash checking. They handle money frequently and are a resource for customer questions.

Loan officers help individuals or companies to borrow money. They advise the customers with how much money they can borrow and how to finance paying the money back at a later date. This job requires an understanding of current markets, and many officers have financial backgrounds.

Bank managers do all the managerial work and oversee the general operations within the bank or branch of banks. They work closely with the analysts, who are constantly doing accounting work and analyzing past data and future projections for the bank. The analysts are the people behind all of the numbers.

Finally, general office staff include the data entry workers, the IT workers and all other services that every company and office need to stay up-to-date with their operations.