What Are Different Accounting Job Titles?

There are a wide range of accounting job titles that include accounting clerk, auditor, bookkeeper and bursar. Certified public accountant is a title earned after taking a qualifying exam. A tax accountant handles state and federal tax form preparation. In addition, there are numerous accounting management job titles.

Accounting job titles reflect the level of responsibility required in the position. For example, a bookkeeper is usually hired to maintain records of company transactions and produce regular reports. A certified public accountant, however, is qualified to do basic accounting and can move into a position, such as financial controller, which requires a higher degree of work experience. Typically, a controller is a top management position that involves making financial forecasts and projecting a company’s financial position.

Accountants are sometimes hired to run a company’s payroll department, where they hold the title of payroll manager. This position usually involves managing an accounting staff. One perk of accounting is that it is possible to work in a wide range of industries. All sorts of companies require some type of finance management. Thus, it is possible to get a job in the mortgage industry, working under the title of mortgage loan servicing manager, or work in the financial industry analyzing data as a financial analyst.