How Did People Communicate Before Cellphones?

Before the invention of cellphones, people communicated using mail, telegrams and landline telephones. However, long before these things came into existence, human beings would communicate through things like smoke signals and the sending of messengers from one area to another.

Human beings have always had a way of communicating throughout history. Below are some of the ways that were used to communicate before the invention of cellphones.

  • Smoke signals – communicating with people from distant land would take place through smoke signals that could be understood by both the senders and receivers
  • Messengers – there is also a period in history when a messenger on horse or on foot would be sent from one region to another with messages
  • Letters – writing letters on paper by the use of pencils or pens was a common practice just before mass production of phones
  • Telegrams – the telegram was a machine used to type messages in one location and then sent to a different location. It could only send a limited amount of words in a given period of time
  • Landline phones – before the invention of cellphones, human beings would use landlines to communicate. Now used less frequently, these are essentially telephones that are connected through wires and are situated in definite locations