What Is a Description of a Desktop Support Technician?

Desktop support technicians are primarily responsible for fixing and maintaining desktop computing environments used by home computer users and employees in organizations. They also provide remote assistance through the telephone and Internet to guide end users who need to troubleshoot their computers.

Common duties of desktop support technicians include setting up accounts, repairing or replacing faulty hardware, and configuring network settings. The technician must also work together with hardware or software vendors to address problems beyond the scope of regular computer maintenance. Desktop support technicians also perform regular software backups, deploy security updates, and lecture other employees about adhering to the company’s security policies.

When hiring a desktop support technician, companies often look for someone with great communication skills, a friendly demeanor and patience. These traits are essential when dealing with computer users, especially those with low computer literacy levels. Technical knowledge of the how computers work, including its software, hardware and networking components, is important. Desktop support technicians usually have degrees in computer-related studies from colleges or vocational schools. Certifications from IT companies also boost the prospect’s chances of getting hired as a desktop support technician.

Working as a desktop support technician is a great starting point for professionals interested in high-paying IT jobs. Experienced technicians can become network engineers and systems administrators. Even without an advanced college degree, the desktop support technician position itself already offers a decent wage.