How Do I Describe a Hard Worker?

In general, hard workers share common traits such as being an action-oriented self-starter, having a strong drive for success and having sufficient self-confidence to persevere when the going gets tough, according to Forbes. Other important qualities of hard workers include a detail-oriented mindset and focusing on goals.

Cite HR points out that hard workers have a strong desire to meet their goals, which gives them a leg up over the competition. They remain committed to the project at hand despite any setbacks, technical problems and other issues that arise. Hard workers take full responsibility for their actions, and they realize that no one else is going to do the work for them. Another key attribute of hard workers according to Cite HR is having a positive mindset that carries them over low points and snags.

Another key internal factor that affects how hard people work is whether or not they have pride in their work, according to Cite HR. Those who have pride in their work don’t need external factors such as money or prestige to motivate them because their motivation is intrinsic. Without pride in your work, it’s easy to seek shortcuts and give up before completing the job.