What Are Some Departments in Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Reno, Nevada?

There is no Kaiser Permanente medical facility in Reno, Nevada, according to Kaiser Permanente’s website. The health care provider has facilities in California, Colorado, Georgia and Hawaii as well as locations serving Washington state, Oregon and the geographic area of Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C..

Kaiser Permanente allows users to locate its nine facilities with a drop-down menu on its website. That tool reveals that the provider does not operate any health care facilities in Nevada. The nearest Kaiser Permanente hospital to Reno, Nevada, is located in Northern California, according to the website.

The hospital facility in Reno is the Saint Maryメs Reno Regional Medical Center, which is a 380-bed hospital offering inpatient, outpatient and wellness services, according to the hospitalメs website. The facility offers a variety of medical services across different departments, including a top-rated cancer center, an emergency room, a cardiology department and a neurovascular care center.

Saint Maryメs Reno Regional Medical Center departments include bariatrics, limb preservation and wound healing, nephrology and kidney care, home care and hospice services, notes its website. Other departments include imaging and radiology, a laboratory, nutrition services, orthopedics and pediatrics. Patients also receive care through the pulmonary, surgery, labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care and womenメs health departments.