How Do You Find Dentists Who Accept Humana Plans?

Individuals can find dentists who accept Humana dental insurance plans by using the Dentist Finder tool on the Humana website at Customers can search by entering their ZIP codes.

After the customer locates a dentist, it is important to call the office to confirm that the dentist still accepts Humana insurance and is in the same location listed in the directory, explains Humana. Information displayed by the search tool is provided by the dentist and may not be current if the dentist doesn’t update his information.

Humana offers several dental plans, and not all dentists accept all plan types. The Traditional Preferred plan offers customers a low deductible plan and allows customers to see any dentist, states Humana. The Dental PPO plan is a discount plan that allows customers to access dental care with an average discount of 27 percent for in-network providers. Customers can see out-of-network providers, but the out-of-pocket cost is more.

The Preventive Plus plan covers many common dental services, such as cleanings and fillings, and offers a discount on many other services, notes Humana. Customers can see out-of-network dentists for a higher cost. The Advantage Plus plan offers services at a predetermined rate from in-network dentists and does not offer any coverage out of the network. The DHMO-Prepaid plan covers visits to the customer’s selected primary dentist at a predetermined rate.