What Is the Dell Mission and Vision Statement?

The main mission values for Dell are integrity and responsibility coupled in a business environment, according to Dell’s Purpose and Values section on their website. Dell considers winning in a business environment important, but nothing is more important than winning the right way.

Dell has three strategic goals that help them to reach their mission and values statement. These goals include:

  1. Results to make a positive difference
  2. Dell says that their company wants to ensure everyone in any type of environment has the ability to take advantage of technology. Their company focuses on the “work smarter, not harder” motto to try to help things with business.

  3. Leaders that not only have leadership capabilities but open-mindedness
  4. Dell wants leaders who are capable of leading others, but who are open to new experiences and ideas. The company employs leaders who are able to recognize when they are not the most experienced, and are able to incorporate that into their management systems when the idea proves fruitful.

  5. Operating with an ethical and moral code
  6. Dell focuses on improvement, both in business and community through the company’s ethical and moral code. They believe in enhancing the quality of life for the surrounding community because in the long run, that will grow business and ensure everyone has the abilities and advantages of modern technology.