What Is the Definition of Vocational Goal?

A vocational goal is when a gainful employer matches a employees interests and abilities. The Department of Veteran Affairs is a well-known company that offers vocational goal programs.

The Department of Veterans Affairs determines if a vocational goal is feasible for a veteran based on his or her disability. If a veteran has an employment handicap or a serious employment handicap, someone from the Department of Veterans Affairs will work to determine if the veteran’s vocational goal is feasible. For the goal to be feasible, the veteran must be able to begin training for the goal within a reasonable amount of time. If the veteran does not have the education and skills required to meet the vocational goal, the Department of Veterans Affairs may be able to provide services to help the veteran develop the required skills. If these requirements are not met, the VA may provide rehabilitation services to help the veteran prepare for employment. Other organizations besides the Department of Veteran Affairs sometimes offer vocational goal programs employees.