What Is the Definition of Pericholecystic Fluid?

Pericholecystic fluid is a liquid found in the body when certain illnesses are present in the gallbladder, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The fluid can indicate the presence of gallbladder stones, a tumor or an infection.

Gallbladder stones are common and usually do not cause symptoms, the Cleveland Clinic notes; however, gallstones can cause cholecystitis, which is acute gallbladder inflammation. The condition can lead to death of cells because of a lack of oxygen, according to Wikipedia. Not every patient with gallstones develops cholecystitis.

More than 20 million cases of gallbladder disease occur in the United States annually, with most cases seen in women, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Native Americans and Mexican Americans have rates of gallstones that are higher than in the general population, according to Wikipedia. Risk factors for gallstones include diabetes, cirrhosis and obesity, notes the Cleveland Clinic.