What Is the Definition of Good Leadership?

Good leadership is the exercise of influence and charisma over others to achieve a specified goal. This definition is only a base for effective leadership, as a good leader needs to back up the influence and charisma with a solid skillset that those being led can rely on for the particular task being undertaken.

To provide good leadership, the leader must be capable of either doing the tasks assigned or able to secure the aid of those who can. For good leadership, the leader must remain slightly removed from those who follow. This helps the leader maintain a big-picture perspective that helps identify what needs to be done to succeed. The good leader must remain close enough to followers to have a bit of empathy and maintain positive conditions for followers, enabling progress toward the specified goals.

Good leadership requires focus towards the goal. The good leader has to be an inspiration to followers, leading by example and maintaining a positive outlook about a project’s outcome. Good leadership also creates transparency in the decision-making process whenever possible, allowing followers to see how the goal is being pursued. Transparency helps keep a good leader accountable for those decisions, should things go badly.