What Is the Definition of Global Marketing?

Global marketing is a product strategy to increase sales through promotion and advertisements to the international market. Nearly every business has a global presence. Even companies doing business within their homes can market and attract business internationally.

Like any marketing strategy, it is important that a business’ global marketing strategy be effective. A company must understand its target market in order to market and sell products globally. To do this, businesses must understand new cultures because culture establishes norms and values for a collective group.

When a business understands the culture of its target market, it can better determine what its needs are and market to them. For instance, 13 is an unlucky number in the United States, but in other cultures, it is lucky. Numbers, colors and gestures do not always mean the same thing across cultures; therefore, cultural awareness is critical to having a successful global marketing campaign.

To save time and effort, many companies hire trustworthy natives to help with marketing. Using natives to help with global marketing reduces the learning curve. They are able to give advice on words to use, suggest angles to leverage and provide first-hand information about the usefulness of a business’ product in their society.