What Is the Definition of Career Advancement?

Gary Waters/Ikon Images/Getty Images

Career advancement typically refers to getting promoted or being assigned more responsibilities by an employer. Some people view career advancement as gaining recognition for quality work in a company.

In some careers, advancement means moving from a junior-level position to a senior-level position. Often, people advance in their careers by moving from a subordinate role in a department to a leadership role. Moving from an assistant or associate position to a regular job function is another example of advancement.

Along with increased advancement, people typically earn more income and have greater authority in new positions. The greater an employee’s role in an organization, the more influence he has in the direction of a department or the organization as a whole.

The path to advancement varies by organization and industry; however, employees must normally develop skills and abilities for the next-level position they want. In some cases, a person may have to go back to school and get a certification or degree to get promoted. Often, though, gaining skills that fill the gap between the current level and desired promotion is the key to career advancement. Building leadership skills and demonstrating decision-making abilities can help someone position himself for a management job opening.