What Are Some Daily Safety Tips?

D. Anschutz/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The Houston Chronicle’s Small Business page offers various workplace safety tips such as keeping a break room area clean and turning off coffee makers and other appliances when not in use. Washing hands and taking home leftover food minimizes the spread of bacteria. Keeping foil away from microwaves is another safety tip. Employees also should try to keep liquids away from computers and other electronic devices as a precaution.

Asking sick workers to stay home is another daily safety tip for workplaces, the Chronicle reports. Setting up a policy that encourages workers to wash hands before leaving the restroom is another idea.

Inspecting workplace equipment prevents accidents and injuries, along with wearing gloves and goggles when working around machines. Showing employees how to properly lift heavy objects prevents injuries on the job. As a personal safety tip, employees should secure personal items such as wallets and purses while at work.

Cyber security is also paramount, and businesses need to secure company data with various measures, such as anti-virus software, the Chronicle suggests. Using security passwords and not downloading unfamiliar attachments are measures that help protect company systems.

Another crucial safety precaution is having the last person out lock up before leaving. Turning off all lights, if allowable by local law, is another tip to follow. Employers should outline an evacuation plan in the event of an emergency. Having a zero-tolerance policy toward workplace violence and harassment encourages safety and peace of mind among workers.