How Do You Do a D&B Number Lookup for Free?

On the Dun & Bradstreet official search tool,, select the Search for D&B D-U-N-S Number tab from the drop-down menu, enter the company details, select the company from the search results and enter your name and email address to receive the D-U-N-S number via email at no charge. Alternatively, select the Search By Telephone Number tab to conduct a search using the primary business phone number for the company.

As of January 2016, the Search for D&B D-U-N-S Number feature appears and functions identically to the search feature presented on the homepage; selecting a company from the search results presented by the latter, however, prompts for the selection of a complete business profile and report for purchase. To perform a free D-U-N-S number lookup only, verify that the search page says “D&B D-U-N-S Number Lookup” above the search bar. has an established record of providing technology products and suites. Many of these services differ from those traditionally offered by Dun & Bradstreet on its website, Services offered directly through include obtaining a new D-U-N-S number, establishing and building a business credit profile and receiving a free copy of the credit report for the business owned by the visitor.