How Do Customers Check Their Benny Card Balances?

One way the balance of a Benny card can be checked is by calling the telephone number which is listed on the backside of the card, notes Balances may also be checked by visiting the Benny card website at or using the Benny card mobile application.

Cardholders can reach the Benny card customer service toll-free at (800) 422-7038. The 16-digit card number is needed in order to obtain a current balance.

The Benny card is an employer funded prepaid medical debit card, which can be used to help cover medical expenses. This card cannot be used to cover medical expenses from previous years.

The Benny card plans and coverage vary by employer. Funds on the card become available once the card has been activated. Card activation can also be done by calling the customer service phone number.

Cards can be used as either debit or credit. If the card is used as a debit card, a four-digit pin number is required, as noted on

Benny cards are accepted at doctor offices, pharmacies, hospitals, medical supply stores, dentists and vision centers. Funds on the card can be used towards co-pays, deductibles and surgeries. In most cases the funds on the Benny card cannot be used to pay for cosmetic procedures.