Are Cruzeiros Worth Anything?

DEA / A. DAGLI ORTI / Contributor/De Agostini Editorial/Getty Images

All forms of Brazilian cruzeiros were removed from circulation in Brazil in 1994, when they were replaced by the real; cruzeiros are no longer valid forms of currency. The cruzeiro went through three devaluations during its existence between 1942 and 1994.

While cruzeiros can no longer be used or exchanged as valid forms of currency, cruzeiro bank notes in uncirculated condition may have some value to collectors. As of August 2014, an uncirculated 5-cruzeiro note is worth between approximately $22 and $28, a similar note from the 1950s is worth about $4 and a 5-cruzeiro note from the 1960s is valued at approximately $1 to $2.