What Are No-Credit-Check Apartments in Minnesota?

Some no-credit-check apartments in South Minnesota, Northeast Minnesota, North Central-West and the Twin Cities Area are listed on Sublet.com. Advice on how to find an apartment with no credit check is available from Jeannine Mancini at SFGate.

There is an advanced search feature on Sublet.com that allows users to filter results and list only those apartment rentals that require no credit check. It is also possible for prospective tenants to filter results based on variables such as lease term, rent per month, size of the apartment, number of bathrooms and rental type. As of 2015, some of the areas that have no-credit-check apartments available in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota include Brooklyn Center, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis Calhoun-Isles, Minneapolis Powderhorn and Minneapolis University, reports Sublet.com.

If you are looking for no-credit-check apartments, search for small and privately owned apartment complexes. Larger communities are more likely to adhere to specific screening guidelines. Keep an eye out for rental signs while driving around your city and regularly check the newspaper and local online classified websites, suggests Mancini. Call various apartment complexes and ask about their credit requirements and any mandatory minimum score. If credit scores are assessed on a case-by-case basis, the manager may be able to approve your application. It is a good idea to save up for a deposit and to ask someone to co-sign and assume responsibility if you are unable to pay rent.