What Is a Corporate Body?

Mint Images – Tim Robbins/Mint Images RF/Getty Images

A corporate body is a group of people or an organization that operates under a single name and is often treated as its own entity. There are many different types of corporate bodies. Despite their names, not all corporate bodies are directly related to the business world. Some of these bodies are involved primarily in the government at some level or in representing members of their religion.

Corporate bodies are groups of people that can be treated as a single organization efficiently. To be considered a corporate body, these groups are usually recognized by the law in some form or another depending on the country in which they exist. Usually there is a single name that refers to all of the different members of the group at once. Because corporate bodies encompass such a variety of different types of people and industries, they can have a number of different types of hierarchies and organization structures.

Different corporate bodies serve different purposes and have different goals. Some examples of the types of corporate bodies that can exist are governmental agencies, religious groups, churches, citizen associations, and conferences of people that share a business interest. By acting as a single entity, these groups can behave and communicate more efficiently.