What Is a Corporate Affairs Manager?

A corporate affairs manager or director is responsible for a company’s internal and external communications, including public relations, government relations, public policy, corporate restructuring and determination of employee attitudes in a company, according to Management Today. Communication, both within a company’s many departments and among several outside entities, is the key skill needed for a corporate affairs manager.

Corporate affairs directors concern themselves with future changes because they guide companies through industry trends that affect the interests of the firm. The corporate affairs manager directs changes a company needs to make to be in line with future growth. These changes can include merging departments, setting corporate goals, creating mission statements and getting all employees on board for future projects.

Corporate affairs managers also need to listen constantly to attitudes within the company, according to Pharmaceutical & Medical Professionals. Focus groups, committees and meetings are all aspects of corporate affairs directing that must be monitored constantly. Messages from corporate management must be fully understood by everyone in the company.

Officers responsible for corporate affairs handle communications with the public, such as press releases, introduction of new products, investor relations, handling crises and presentation of new officers. Many firms search for personnel with a public affairs background to fill this position within a company.