How Do You Contact Payroll at Randstad?

The easiest way to contact Randstad payroll is by visiting their website, logging into your Workplace account and contacting payroll through your pay page. If you cannot log into your Workplace account, call their regional or national account offices at 888-726-3782 to connect with the payroll department.

Randstad is a human resources company that specializes in connecting temporary and permanent employees with employers. While filling temporary staffing positions, Randstad provides employers with employees who can offer high-quality work with a flexible skill set. For permanent positions, Randstad is an ideal staffing option for jobs that require specific skills or qualifications that are difficult to find. Randstad also offers its clients outsourced work-placement services. Randstad matches employers with highly qualified employees that boast these hard-to-find skills.

Randstad screens all potential employees rigorously and hires only qualified and competent candidates. Randstad believes that selectivity coupled with a strong knowledge of employee skills and employer needs makes it one of the best staffing services available. For staffed employees, Randstad provides skill assessments, career counseling, training, 401(k) retirement plans and health coverage. Through their unique services and qualified pool of employees, Randstad puts over 100,000 job seekers into the workforce every week in the United States.