How Do You Contact the Herman Survivor Boot Company?

The Herman Survivor boot company does not actually exist and the current Herman Survivor boots are a replica shoe that is owned and manufactured by Wal-Mart. The shoes are currently only sold at Wal-Mart stores, and the Herman Survivor name was bought from Work ‘N Gear in 2001.

Herman Survivor boots were a very popular type of boot that was owned by the Herman family. There are no records as to when the first Herman boots started to be manufactured, but eventually the company Stride Rite purchased the Herman Survivor name and began manufacturing and distributing the boots in Stride Rite stores. In 1990, Herman Survivor boots were acquired by Anthony DiPaolo, who would soon become the CEO of the company Work ‘N Gear. After 11 years and millions of dollars worth of sales, Work ‘N Gear sold the Herman Survivor name to the Wal-Mart corporation.

Since Wal-Mart acquired Herman Survivor boots, the manufacturing process has been outsourced to China. The boots are now exclusively sold at Wal-Mart stores. While the Herman Survivor boots previously were well known for their durability and reliability, the reputation of the boots has declined since their acquisition by Wal-Mart. The boots currently range from $40 to $80 in price and come in a range of styles and colors.