How to Contact GE Life Insurance?

As of 2015, employees can usually contact their General Electric life insurance provider through the Enrollment Center at (800) 252-5259, as noted by General Electric. There is also a paid contact number for the Enrollment Center at (904) 443-6551. This is the number to call about making changes to life insurance, general inquiries or to report a death.

In the event that a GE employee or a dependent with GE Life Insurance has died, it is necessary to call the Enrollment Center. It may also be possible to call the number on the insurance medical ID card to reach the GE Benefits Claim Center. Employees may also be able to get contact information regarding their GE Life Insurance through their manager.

When calling the insurance company about filing a claim on a life insurance policy, it is wise to have as much documentation as possible. It is also a good idea to have a copy of the insurance policy on hand for reference.

The insurance representative will also ask the caller to send a copy of the death certificate, notes A death certificate may be provided by the funeral home after arranging a burial, by the hospital or nursing home or through the county where the insured employee passed away.

GE employees or dependents named on the life insurance policy as beneficiaries may also have to submit signed paperwork to complete the claim.