How Do You Contact Amazon From Seller Central?

To contact Amazon from Seller Central, users must log into the Seller Central site, according to In order to contact Amazon through this method a seller account and registration are required.

Login information can be retrieved if forgotten by visiting the Amazon Seller support page. Passwords can be reset via the email address that was used during registration. If sellers are experiencing technical issues, technical support can be contacted online via an email address that can be accessed on the Amazon Services resource page.

Visitors to the Amazon Service site can find seller success stories, training information, tutorials and webinars. News and event listings can also be accessed through the site. Marketplace Web Service and product ad solution provider details are also provided, notes

Amazon Services offers support for global sellers, payments and product fulfillment. Sellers can also access Amazon’s Facebook and Twitter accounts through the Amazon Services site. The site is free to use for those who have registered accounts.

Amazon was founded in 1994 in the city of Seattle, Washington. Amazon sells a variety of products including electronics, music, books, video games, clothing, housewares and accessories. Amazon serves customers worldwide and is one of the most valuable retailers in the United States as of 2015. The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos.