How Do I Construct a Sample Letter for Rent Reduction?

To construct a sample letter for rent reduction, create a document using your own circumstances or fictionalized circumstances that would warrant a rent decrease. Include an analysis of the current market, a detailed explanation of the situation and a suggested dollar amount for the rent decrease.

  1. Introduce your topic

    In the first sentence of the sample letter, explain that you are writing about a specific rental agreement. Include the tenants’ names and the address of the property.

  2. Include market data

    Write about the current state of the rental market in your area. Cite statistics from local newspapers regarding decreasing rental rates or increased property availability. Include copies of the articles or links to your sources to boost credibility.

  3. Explain the situation

    Talk about the current state of the building, making sure to mention any units that have been vacant for a while. If you know that other occupants are paying less for a similar unit, mention this in the letter along with their specific rental rate. Include details about your history of paying on time, your excellent reputation for keeping up the unit or other factors that highlight your suitability as a tenant.

  4. Make a specific request

    Outline your specific rental reduction request. Make it clear to the reader that you believe that a reduction is in the best interests of you and the property management company. Close the letter politely and request a quick response.