What Is Considered Business Professional Attire?

Business-professional attire is clothing appropriate for an interview and an office environment. Business attire for men includes suits, ties, shirts, dress slacks and jackets, and dress shoes. Womens’ business attire includes suits, a skirt or dress slacks with coordinating blouse and jacket, hosiery and a closed-toe shoe.

Business-professional attire is required in a professional job setting for numerous reasons.

During interviews, business-professionals’ attire can make a lasting first impression, showing new employers that the person takes the position and interview process seriously. Dressing professionally can also boost confidence.

The general guidelines for business-professional attire varies between men and women. For men, in addition to conservative suit colors and nondistracting ties, shoes should be clean, polished and in good condition. Facial hair, if allowed, must be neat and well-trimmed. Fingernails should be clean and groomed.

Women must ensure that clothing fits properly and is not too revealing. Cleavage should be concealed. Make-up, fingernail and hair colors should be natural-looking, not too bright or distracting. It’s recommended that jewelry is conservative and not gaudy.

For men and women, any tattoos should be covered. Cologne or perfume is best applied sparingly.

Business-professional attire is more formal than business casual wear, distinguishes individuals in the workplace and gives the impression of respectability and competence.