How Do You Complete the Husky Energy Online Orientation?

Log in at to complete the Husky Energy online orientation. Husky Energy, one of Canada’s largest integrated energy companies, requires that all staff and contractors complete the online safety orientation prior to visiting Husky work sites.

If you are a new user, you must create an account to access the orientation. When you get to the orientation website, select either the North America or Asia Pacific region, complete the required fields and select your job location. When you receive your login information, follow the instructions to complete the orientation.

Husky Energy created its online orientation as part of the Husky Operational Integrity Management System. The online orientation provides necessary safety information to all of its staff and contractors. Certain job sites have special safety concerns or considerations that are also covered in the orientation.

Husky Energy designed HOIMS to systematically anticipate, identify and mitigate hazards associated with Husky Energy’s operations. According to the company website, HOIMS incorporates best practices from across the energy industry. Since its implementation, it has improved performance, reduced the number of safety incidents and increased the value of the business. The 14 elements of the program are described in detail on the Safety page of the company’s website, located at