What Is a Competitive Landscape?

A competitive landscape is an analysis of how a business compares within the competitive climate. A competitive landscape analysis typically includes an analysis of strategies through strengths and weaknesses, products and services and growth models. A competitive landscape analysis can include many different pieces of information, including the main services and products the business provides, the annual sales and the market share levels. This information is then compared to competitors, and the strengths and weaknesses of all parties are compared and contrasted.

To create a competitive landscape analysis for an organization:

  1. Review internal resources

    Collect the internally created materials from the business and its competitors, including all brochures, marketing materials, annual reports, website information and any other relevant materials. This information provides basic facts about all of the organizations.

  2. Utilize outside resources

    Third-party sources offer information regarding specific areas within an organization, as well as trends across industries. Utilize these resources to gather objective information on all involved businesses. Third-party information across entire industries is helpful during this stage of research.

  3. Verify the research

  4. Talk to members of sales or marketing in all of the organizations to verify the information gathered.

  5. Perform regular analyses

    The business climate is constantly changing, so a regular analysis of the competitive landscape is essential to keep information accurate and the business competitive.