What Are Some Common Deals at Comet Cleaners?

As of 2015, common deals at Comet Cleaners include a percentage or dollar amount off of dry cleaning or laundry services in addition to discounted rates on pressing. These deals are available on websites for individual Comet Cleaners franchises and on neighborhood savings sites such as Valpak.com.

Comet Cleaners deals are location specific, and coupons or advertisements typically list the locations at which they are valid. It is common for customers to be allowed only one coupon per visit and for coupons not to be combined with other offers at the location, suggests CometsATX.com. In addition, cleaning certain goods might require additional charges if the items are larger or smaller than is typical or if folding is required.

As of 2015, some specific examples of deals for Comet Cleaners’ San Antonio locations include those for laundering plain shirts at a discounted per-shirt rate, 25 percent off a total dry cleaning purchase or bedding-cleaning service and a dollar amount off a package for boxing and preserving a wedding dress. The deals for other franchise locations vary, so users need to check the website to find out what is available at their nearest Comet Cleaners locations.

Valpak.com also offers some printable Comet Cleaners coupons via individual pages for franchise locations that can be found through the site’s search bar. Some offers as of 2015 include 40 percent off a dry cleaning order of at least five items and set discounted rates for cleaning comforters and pressing shirts.