What Is Commercial Land Use?

Commercial land use is the use of land for commercial purposes including building offices, shops, resorts and restaurants as opposed to construction of a residential house. Land can also be used for growing commercial crops, which are crops that are sold instead of used for personal consumption.

Land use is comprised of management and manipulation of the natural environment into built environment including human settlement and semi-natural habitats such as grazing fields with pasture or cultivated fields for growing crops. Land can be utilized by humans in various ways including residential, business, industrial, institutional, agricultural, park and natural land uses.

Residential land use involves the use of a large tract of land or plot as a dwelling place for a single family or aggregation of various dwellings of some kind. Intensive residential use involves construction of groups of apartment buildings that can accommodate several households. Institutional land use is often associated with land that hosts public structures including learning institutions, government offices and museums. Industrial land use involves developing land area to build factories such as petroleum refinery companies, sewage treatment facilities and utilities including electricity generating stations.

Land can also be used for mining, smelting and milling of ores and mines. Every form of land use has some impact on natural resources including soil, water, nutrients, animals and plants.