What Is the Best Climate for Growing Rice?

Jialiang Gao/Moment/Getty Images

The best climate for growing rice is one that is warm and moist according to the United Nations University. Although rice requires a lot of water, rice does not grow well in very lush wet climates or waterlogged areas. That said, rice can be cultivated in a wide range of environments.

As of 2012, 9 of the top 10 rice producing countries are located in Asia. One of the reasons that rice is such a popular crop in Asia is that it was long thought that rice could only grow in very wet climates where there were large amounts of rain. This is why most people associate rice paddies with Asian marshlands. In reality, rice grows naturally on every continent except Antarctica. Although natural rainfall is not needed in large amounts, rice does need a sufficient amount of irrigation to thrive, or to be planted in clay, which retains water better than other soils. Also, scientists and farmers have now designed a type of rice plant that produces high yields in a dry climate.