What Does Citrix Do?

Citrix provides a number of server- and desktop-based products, but it is best known for its virtualization solutions. Its long-term partnership with Microsoft has made the company a popular choice in enterprise scenarios.

Citrix is a leader in the field of virtualization, which enables physical computers to run virtual computers. Today, most small and medium websites are run on virtual servers, which are popular because they allow one computer to function as if it were several. Virtualization also allows companies to create new virtual servers easily, and it enables companies to create secure backups that can be restored quickly.

Due to competition from open source virtualization solutions, Citrix has begun offering cloud solutions for businesses. The company has mostly focused on software-as-a-service offerings, which enable businesses to avoid setting up programs on individual workstations. Citrix is also vying to enter the consumer space with its GoToMeeting telecommunication program and a variety of related tools. These platforms have become more popular over the years and represent a significant source of income.

Citrix struggled through the late 1990s and early 2000s, and its survival was dependent upon support from Microsoft and Intel. In recent years, Citrix has been able to turn a profit.