How Do You Check a Subway Card Balance?

Check the balance of your Subway card at any Subway location by asking an employee to swipe your card and report your balance or going online to and signing into your Subway account and selecting Cards in the slideout menu. In addition, your point balance is displayed on the Subway receipt for any purchase for which you earn points.

To check your balance online, you need a Subway account, and you have to be running app version 4.8.x or higher. Once signed in under your account, go to the slideout menu and select Cards to display your point balance. It can take 24 hours for a Subway app transaction to appear in your account. If you get an error while trying to log in that tells you to contact customer service, it is likely that you need to update your password to comply with a newer, more secure system.

If you wish, perform other functions while logged in at, such as registering another Subway card under the same account, viewing the balance of other registered Subway cards, reloading a Subway card or transferring the balance of one Subway card to another.

To receive points for a purchase made using the Subway app, be sure to first load your Subway card into the app. You cannot use points to pay for a purchase made using the Subway app, as of August 2015.