How Do You Check Your Mercury Gift Card Balance?

To check a Mercury gift card balance, first turn the card over, and identify the website address listed in the bottom right corner. Access the website, and enter the card number, which is the first number listed on the back of the card, directly under the black magnetic strip. Enter the security code; this is found to the right of the card number. Enter the letters and numbers featured on the captcha image, and click Submit to see the balance.

Mercury gift card balances can only be checked online if the merchant in question purchases a MercuryGift On Demand website capable of balance inquiries. After purchase, this site is maintained by Mercury and is fully functional in approximately two weeks.

Mercury gift cards are available for purchase by businesses wishing to implement gift cards at their establishments. Their design is fully customizable, and they are able to be used and reloaded at different store locations. They are also reusable. For a fee, businesses can use Mercury to process third party gift cards. When cards are ordered directly from Mercury, processing is free.

Mercury gift cards have no value until the time of purchase. Once purchased, a store employee processes the transaction by taking the amount of money meant for the card into the register, activating the card in the point of sale terminal and electronically loading the balance onto the card.