How Do You Check for Florida Medicaid Eligibility?

Applicants can check for Florida Medicaid eligibility online using an ACCESS Florida eligibility tool that takes about 15 minutes to complete, reports the Florida Department of Children and Families. If the tool indicates the applicants may be eligible, they can submit an application for Medicaid on the same site.

To find the ACCESS Florida Medicaid eligibility tool, go to the Florida Department of Children and Families main page, click on Apply Online and Check Status under ACCESS Florida, and click on Am I Eligible under Access Your Benefits. Then, follow all the steps to complete the provided questionnaire, which asks for information about the number of adults and minors living in your household, employment and other income sources, current medical bills, and childcare and housing costs.

Low-income individuals who may be eligible for Medicaid in Florida include children under 21, parents or caretakers of children under 19, pregnant women and noncitizens experiencing medical emergencies, states the Florida Department of Children and Families. Individuals under 26 years old who were formerly in foster care are eligible for Medicaid without income restrictions. Elderly or disabled individuals eligible for Supplementary Security Income through the Social Security Administration are automatically eligible for Medicaid.

To submit an actual application for Medicaid, click on Apply for Benefits under Access Your Benefits on the ACCESS Florida page, and create an account by entering your name, email address, username, password and answers to security questions. Alternatively, download a form, and send a written application. After the application is reviewed, the office may call to conduct a phone interview and request documents to provide additional information, notes the Florida Department of Children and Families.