How Do I Check If a Company Is Legitimate?

To check whether or not a company is legitimate, a person should check in with the Better Business Bureau, look for warning signs and read all of the fine print on return policies and other regulatory customer policies. Legitimate companies are happy to provide information on their policies and to answer customer concerns.

  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau

    The Better Business Bureau, also known as BBB, has profiles on businesses and companies. Look up businesses before purchasing their products and look at their rating. There are also often reviews of each business from consumers who have shared their positive or negative experiences.

  2. Look for warning signs

    If a company cannot provide you with their physical address or phone number, then that is a warning sign. Another warning sign or red flag would be a company that uses scare tactics in an attempt to get customers to purchase their products or services. A company promising that it can easily give or lend money to a person is also a red flag, as many money companies are not legitimate and are designed to scam consumers. If a deal is too good to be true, then it often is.

  3. Read the fine print

    Before ordering from a company, always read the fine print on the company’s return and refund policy. Some companies place restrictions and demands within their return and refund policy that are unusual and can pose problems for unknowing customers.