How Do I Check My Bank Balance From a Nedbank Account?

To check your bank balance using a Nedbank account, log on to your Nedbank account from a mobile browser. On the Main Menu screen, choose Balance Inquiry to see your balance.

  1. Open Nedbank

    On your mobile phone, open an Internet browser window. Paste the Nedbank URL into the browser’s address bar. Tap on the Bank icon, and then tap on the Login button.

  2. Log in to your account

    Enter your profile number in the Profile Number text box. Then enter your PIN number and your password in the next two text boxes. If you have never used Nedbank mobile banking, call 0860 115 060 to register for a PIN. Alternatively, log in to an SST machine, or use PhoneBank to get your PIN. Tap the Log On button to log into your Nedbank account, and access the Main Menu screen.

  3. Check your Nedbank balance

    Look for the Balance Inquiry option on the Main Menu screen, and tap on it. From the list of accounts that opens, tap on the one that allows you to view the balance. Scroll down to see all the deposits and withdrawals made in the account. You cannot view the balance of restricted accounts from your mobile phone.