How Do You Check the Balance of a Verizon Reward Card?

Check the balance of your Verizon Reward card by visiting the company’s website, notes Verizon. The company also sends notifications to its clients. Activate and register the card prior to checking the balance online.

To check the balance online, you need the card number. You also need to have access to the expiration date and security code, states Verizon. The company sends an email notification by default to update clients on the current balance. The email also includes information regarding potential earning opportunities and milestones, as of 2015.

Verizon residential customers are eligible for this program, according to the wireless service provider’s website. To get a Verizon Reward Card, active the card with this cell provider, explains Verizon. After activation, expect to receive the card within two to four weeks as long once approved.

Do not throw away this reloadable card since you have the opportunity to add points to it at a later date for future purchases, notes Verizon. If you misplace your card, you will need to contact Verizon immediately to get a new card. To get the new card sent, you must have the card number on hand to process the request. Finally, the new card contains the remaining balance.