How Do You Check Your Air Miles Account Balance Online?

Check your Air Miles account balance online by visiting and logging into your account with your Collector Number and Personal Identification Number, as of 2015. After logging in, you can view a summary of your account balance as well as see a list of your recent transactions.

The only way to check an Air Miles points balance online is through the company’s official website. After a cardholder activates her card, she has the option to create an account with the company to track earnings and spend bonus points. The online account features a dashboard page that provides an account snapshot, which includes the current available bonus points balance, as well as links to more detailed information. Customers are able to see past purchases made with the card, the number of points earned with each purchase, and any points spent on rewards.

The Air Miles rewards program allows anyone with an Air Miles Collector Card to earn special points on qualifying purchases at numerous retailers throughout Canada. Each purchase earns the cardholder points equivalent to the money spent, with points accumulating over time until the cardholder chooses to spend them on one of the available benefits. These rewards benefits include bonus spending cash advances on select purchases, travel on a partner airline or special items from the Air Miles online store. Customers are able to view all qualifying purchases that earn points as well as point expenditures on the Air Miles website.