How Do You Check an Aflac Claim Status Online?

You can check the status of an Aflac claim when you log into your Aflac Policyholder account through the online portal, says Aflac. To log in, you need your secure user ID and password.

If you have never used the online portal before, follow the link on the home page of the portal to go to the registration page, explains Aflac. When you register for online services, you need to provide your policy number or the Social Security number on file when you purchased your policy.

You may have the opportunity to have your claim processed and paid within one business day, explains Aflac. The Smart Claim system, which is available on the Aflac website, guides you through the entire claim filing process, and you can upload all supporting documentation as well as fill out the necessary forms. To upload your documents, you only need to take a photograph of the documents with your smartphone. If you submit your claim by 3 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, Aflac processes the claim and pays it within one business day. The funds can be paid to you with a check through the regular mail or through direct deposit, says the company.