How Do I Change a Property Deed?

A person can change a property deed by using the service of a real estate attorney who preps and files the deed. Changing a deed can occur when a person wants to sell his or her house. It can also happen when a person retires and wants to transfer the house to one of his or her kids.

The lawyer will want to know all the information about the property in question and the name of the person to be listed on the deed. The lawyer will need to research further find out the legal information of the property. He or she will also need to verify the names that are to appearon the deed to make sure that they are the legal names of the owner and transferee.

If the property is being transferred to a trust, a person must provide a valid certificate of trust. Transfers to a business require that a person must provide the article of incorporation or a certificate of formation. If one of the co-owners on the deed is dead, the lawyer will want to be supplied with a valid certificate of death.

After the owner signs the new property deed, it will be filed and recorded in the office of a county recorder, a process that takes 4 to 8 weeks. If the property is being transferred to a child, the child will need to get a loan prior to completing the process.