How Do You Get a Certificate of Trust Form?

Obtain a certificate of trust form by using an interactive online legal document tool such as the one offered by Rocket Lawyer or by downloading a free form from a legal assistance site such as or Many states also offer free certificate of trust forms on their websites.

A certificate of trust is a legal document that allows a trust owner to provide a bank or other financial institution with proof that she has the legal right to transfer money or property into and out of the trust without needing to share the full living trust document with said institution. It allows the trust owner to keep information such as the names of beneficiaries private during transactions.

While there are federal guidelines and regulations about what is needed to establish a living trust as well as what information is required in a certificate of trust, several states place additional requirements on the document. As such, you should always check your state government’s website to see if it contains a state-specific trust form. By using a form designed specifically for your state, you ensure that your certificate of trust meets all the proper guidelines and doesn’t require any special addendum or modification.